Essential Oils - the why & how I work with others

My focus with creating Happy Oils is to help people with their health and wellness. I love sitting with someone or talking with someone on the phone or video conference and listening to what is going on in their lives and seeing if I can help them on a path to wellness using Essential Oils as one of the vehicles on that travel.

I have worked with hundreds of people in the past few years and my favourite thing to hear is when someone comes back and says “thank you for your help Rachael.”

Some examples of things I hear regularly:

·       I haven’t slept this good in years

·       My heartburn subsided right away after your suggestions

·       My headaches aren’t as intense as they used to be. Or they are gone all together

·       My pain is less or gone

·       My anxiety is reduced

·       I feel uplifted and happier with my oils than without them

When I work with someone one on one I ask you to complete a full Health Consult. This is for a few reasons. It makes our time together more efficient as once you tick the boxes I have some I sight into your health goals and can tailor my questions appropriately and we can even try and dig deeper.

When working with me you are given the opportunity to take my advice or leave it. The option is completely yours. 

By working with me you also have access to my online exclusive and inclusive online community. This is a safe place for everyone to ask questions and you all get the opportunity to also learn from me as well as each other.

I don’t pretend to have ALL the answers but I have spent tons of time sifting through textbooks, websites and countless Aromatherapy books put out by other professionals in the industry. I read thousands of third party publications and am a part of numerous Aromatherapy “Professional Only” groups where I have access to pick the minds of those who may know more than me.

I don’t think generally that "Googling" essential oil recipes is a good idea unless you know the author is reputable. There are so many recipes that have WAY too much essential oil in them. I follow Robert Tisserand’s guidelines for dilution ratios for skin, pain, massage, children, adults etc. If I like a recipe but think it has too much oil I will adjust appropriately; or better yet I’ll suggest my own.

The public can use essential oils safely and don’t need a ton of education in using them. I find attending a few classes and having a community to learn with will get them started off with works quite well.

Where I come in is to help guide you on what to do if you are on certain medications, what to avoid, what to do. If you want to use them with your children; what oils are ok? What oils have the potential to cause some concern?

I don’t believe in a “never ever” policy for most things and that includes essential oils. Some websites are full of scare tactics and that is not how I operate. I’ll tell you things straight, provide you with some insight into both sides of an issue and help you make your OWN decisions as to how to proceed.

Anyone can go into a grocery store, health food store, drug stores, dollar store, Walmart etc and buy essential oils these days. I do not suggest getting your oils through those venues (please don’t).  I follow Essential Oil University and Dr. Robert Pappas has done so many exposes where he exposes the synthetic and fake essential oils sold in many of these places that it enrages me.  People are being preyed upon and they can get hurt!   Others unknowingly buy these fakes and use them how they are instructed and can either be harmed as they have reactions or they don’t work and they think it’s all fake and “snake oils.”

I don’t always agree with advice I see in many essential oil groups. Many times, I think too much oil is being used at one time for very simple issues where I know WAY LESS would work. My goal is to educate my community so that they can pass along the knowledge to others. Pay it forward if you will.

I had a long-time client message me just last week to tell me of something she saw online that was questionable. I agreed and she said “… thank you for going to school & finding your passion and educating us all.”  This warmed my heart.

Ultimately, all adults can make their own decisions with what they do with and to those bodies and I respect everyone’s right to make their own decisions.

As a Certified Aromatherapist my goal is to help as many people as I can, provide them with safe and effective education and with the tools to navigate a confusing and unregulated industry.

I use the oils most people want to use and if you join my team as a client or a potential business partner I hope you take my education and build upon it so you feel confident and comfortable using essential oils and knowing you are using them safely and will have those wonderful oils for the rest of your life to use.

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